the sequel of the best werewolf YA

Wolfsbane – Andrea Cremer

Wolves, supernatural, fiction, young adults, identity, interpersonal relationships.

Rating 10/10

Calla was captured by the enemy. Only to find out the truth and that Shay was telling the truth of the reality she is now faced with. She has to work with them to fight her true enemy. In order to go back to rescue her pack, she must train and be prepared. She has to protect Shay as he is the key to the future. Even though she turned him into the wolf so he can give her pack blood in order to save his life, he is still in need of protection. She has to trust her own heart to make the right decision. 

I, of course, couldn’t resist getting the entire trilogy of this series. I loved this series as a teenager and even love them more as an adult. The synopsis is short because most of the book has a lot of details and I wouldn’t want to spoil. Andrea Cremer does such a good job world building and making lovable, as well as hateable, characters. This book was fairly paced and well written. A bit shorter than the first novel but definitely action packed. Calla going through the whole identity and purpose crisis was really character building and has made her better. I still find it funny that her other love interest, Shay, is now a werewolf. He hasn’t fully adjusted and it’s quite humoring. I might hold off reading the final book, BloodRose because I want to enjoy this series and relish the moments. I will also work on getting the prequel series that goes along with this book that gives background information of the history behind all what is going on in this series which I also had read back in middle school when I had that werewolf witch phase. I wasn’t on the team Edward lol. I was on the werewolf team. Go find this book series and read it if one is into werewolves and witches.

why did i wait to read more Rick Riordan books???

Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan

Greek gods and goddesses, roman gods and goddesses, mythical, fantasy, children’s, fiction.

Rating 10/10

Jason wakes up on a bus going somewhere. He can’t remember who he is and what is happening. Leo and Piper try to help him piece together the clues and information about who Jason is. The trio are taken to Camp Half Blood to be claimed by their Godly parent and figure out what is going on in the world. There is a prophecy involving Piper, Jason, and Leo that they all must rescue Hera. Going on as much as little information, the trio begins their journey. 

I had loved the previous series so much that I decided I will invest in going further into this world. I am glad I took that leap because I love this novel. I enjoy Riordan’s world that he constructed because there is so much Greek and now Roman mythology that it is not overwhelming but very exciting. I felt that this was just as immersive as the previous book series. This also teaches some of the lore from greek and roman mythology. There are a lot of lore and gods and goddesses that it does take a while to digest. Other than that, this was magnificently and brilliantly written. The different perspectives are vital and very important for the plot because we see more world building and seeing the world through different eyes helps envision what these demigod teens are going through. Hands down I am going to continue to read this series and anything that Rick Riordan writes so expect for more on this blog.

the best werewolf YA

Nightshade – Andrea Cremer 

Wolves, supernatural, fiction, young adults, identity, interpersonal relationships.

Rating 10/10

While patrolling, Calla and her friend Bryn come across a bear attacking a human. Calla and Bryn fight off the bear and she tells Brynn to go. Calla goes up to the hiker and heals him then takes him to the car. They don’t speak of what happened. Calla is the alpha of her pack, Nightshades, and this year for her would be life changing since she is being paired to one of the Banes, Renier, as her alpha equal. This hasn’t been done before where a new pack is formed. When they go to school, they are introduced to Shay, a new student, and Calla recognizes the human, he was the hiker. As he is mixing with the pack and them having to protect him, Calla spends time with him dissecting texts that allude to her lineage and his lineage. Confused by what she wants and what is a part of her life, she now questions everything that she ever was taught and decides to do what is right. 

I read this novel in middle school and I can’t get over how good this was. I had to buy new copies of the entire series to reread because it has been so long. I was never a twilight person because vampires are not cool Werewolves and witches are cooler. This is a really in depth explanation with a lot of world building. It isn’t overwhelming but it helps create the rest of the world and the following novels to come. I love Calla as she is the scariest and more fierce. This book will take the reader, like myself, on a roller coaster of feelings. I felt sad, happy, excited, and angry all the time because there are duties that Calla has to do but she doesn’t want to follow all the rules. She tries to please others and she never is able to enjoy herself and life. I loved this novel as a teenager when I first read it and love it even more as an adult.

this was interesting

Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo 

Fantasy, magic, abilities, monsters, orphan, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 7/10

Soldier and orphan Alina goes with her fellow soldiers into the Fold to discover and take down some of the monsters. She discovers that she has powers of a very powerful Grisha. She is taken to the King and enters his court. Not only that but she was an apprentice to The Darkling. She starts training and learning about how to use her powers. Not only that but she learns more about the new world she is in but she misses the simple life before this extravagant life she was forced into. The Darkling wants Alina to help him destroy the Fold. Something darker and sinister is brewing and Alina tries to decide what to do that is right. 

I saw that this book had a lot of hype and I didn’t understand. I read it and still don’t understand. I love writing and world building. Some of the characters seemed too cliched for my taste and I felt that I had read this before. Even though it’s fairly new, I read the trope before and didn’t really care for it. I know this is a part of a series but I will not continue the series as this didn’t get my attention that much.

a potential sequel for Hercules

Go The Distance: A Twisted Tale – Jen Calonita

Retellings, Hercules, Megara, gods, goddesses, young adult, fiction.

Rating 15/10

Megara and Hercules go to Mount Olympus together after he defeats the Titans and rescues her from the River of Souls. As he has a family reunion she doubts that she would be welcomed up here. Zeus tells Hercules he can’t go back to earth and he has to stay up on Mount Olympus. However, Hera makes an offer to Megara that if she can retrieve Athena’s double flute that she would give more and further instructions to help her become a God. Megara, wanting to be with Hercules, agrees. She goes and manages to retrieve the flute and Phil plus Pegasus helped her along the way. Now she has to make a choice of going to save her ex-boyfriend’s wife from the Underworld or never be able to be at Hercules’ side. Her heart and guts guide her to the right choice she must make and the trials she must face to gain Godhood. 

The moment that this book was announced and was available for preorder I had to get it. I love Hercules and Meg from the Disney movie. They were so adorably cute and in this one they are still adorable and cute. I loved this book because there was an intriguing plot and purpose for Megara that she also learned about herself along the way. As well as what truly happened about her ex-boyfriend and how Hades deceived and lied to Megara. The bad person there was Hades for being a manipulative God. Every time I read any parts that had Phil talking, I read it with Danny DeVito’s voice which was ironically funny. I hope if they should come out with a sequel to Hercules, Disney should use this book because it’s an excellent idea. The writing is phenomenal and feels really immersive as well. I HIGHLY recommend going and getting this book to read.

this was really resonating

The Gilded Ones – Namina Forna 

Fantasy, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Deka awaits the ceremony that will allow her to be welcomed by her community. The ceremony determines whether or not she’s pure or impure. Pure ones stay while impure ones are casted away. She was revealed and declared as impure as her blood ran golden. They try to kill her but she never dies so they collect her blood. A woman with White Hands rescues her and gives her a second chance at life serving under the Emperor. She is told terms and conditions then decides she wants to become stronger. As she is training she learns more about herself and what she truly is. More of why she is more feared than the rest of her peers. 

I saw this book and needed to read it. I heard so much about this book and saw it trending on and all over TikTok and Instagram. I found a copy at my local Barnes & Nobles and got down to reading it. This is a beautifully written novel with lots of fantasy elements and along the way world building in bite sized portions. The characters are so diverse and intriguing as we meet them through Deka’s eyes. As I was reading this I felt anger and sadness as well as hope for the main character. The author did a splendid and extraordinary job with the world building and characters. However, I don’t like cliffhanger endings and this had a cliffhanger ending. I wanted more and I do hope that in the future the series continues. There were a good amount of twists that I hadn’t expected so this novel definitely kept me on my toes. I do have to say, and I say this a lot, recommend this novel. I know that I say each post of a book I like is a good book. I say to go read it but there are so many good books out there like this one that need more hype and more love and attention. 

I had a book hangover because of how good this was

The Unbroken – C.L. Clark

Fantasy, sapphic, fiction. 

Rating 13/10

Tourine returns home but as a lieutenant and to serve. She stops a near assasination of Princess Luca. Princess Luca is grateful but knows she owes Tourine a favor for saving her. Tourine doesn’t call on this favor until something terrible happens. Tourine was kidnapped by the rebels that have been causing chaos and mischief. They plant evidence that murdered someone and if she doesn’t want to be executed she has to serve under Princess Luca as her assistant and spy for the rebels. Princess Luca wants this magic that is rumored in this place and she wants it for her own to heal herself and others. She can’t do that when the rebels are acting up and she also wants to become Queen. In order to become a Queen she has to demonstrate power and a steady hand so she does whatever she can to get favor with this city. Tourine realizes that Princess Luca can’t be fully trusted with this magic and betrays her for a good reason. Tourine wants to be free to discover her own past and carve her own path. 

I really enjoyed this novel. I am sad that the second book doesn’t come out for a long time. It breaks me but I am glad I found this book. I love fantasy fiction and this gave me the reason why I love it. This has complex military information and expansive world building. There is a lot of politics involved that is intricate and felt so surreal. I didn’t want to finish this book because I was slowly enjoying the plot and characters but I needed to know about Tourine and Princess Luca. This novel tells from both perspectives in third person and I really enjoyed that. I love seeing both sides because this helps world building even more but through different eyes. Clark really did take me on a journey that left me in a book hangover. I simply don’t want to go to another book, I want to go back to this one. I sincerely recommend this novel.

Kagome annoys me NOT SORRY

InuYasha 3: 3 volumes in 1, 7-10,  – Rumiko Takahashi 

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Kagome got caught in the middle of a fight between InuYasha and his brother, Sasshomaru. In the midst of anger and annoyance for Kagome, always interfering InuYasha throws her back into the well into her own time so he can deal with the demons and collect the Shikon pearl shards himself. He is really badly injured when more demons are sent to him by Naraku and Shippo tries to get the well unclogged so that Kagome can come back. Kagome is angry with InuYasha for tossing her aside when he truly needed her help. She goes about her life as usual in her own time until she feels the Shikon’s presence. She goes back to the well and tries to get into the well. When she does, she returns to a fight scene and a really injured InuYasha with the monk trying to fight off a demon. She steps in and helps out. Kikyo’s soul and body is roaming once more and she wants InuYasha but traps Kagome so that she doesn’t stop her. InuYasha sees Kikyo and wants to help her. Kagome witnesses InuYasha proclaim his love for Kikyo and is furious. So furious she breaks Kikyo’s spell and confronts InuYasha. Both don’t want to admit their feelings for each other but its obvious when they go on the next adventure that they work well together. 

So… I have mixed feelings. I know Kagome is the main character but I hate her. She annoys me and not only that but she is easily annoyed by anything and everything. I was so glad that InuYasha practically yeeted her into her own time. She was always getting in the way and getting injured. Anyways I really am getting deep into this fandom and I just can’t wait to get my hands on the next omnibus. I am super invested and I really want to get into this further to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha plus the fact that his other love interest Kikyo is alive and is a wandering soul is making things more spicy. I am glad and thankful to have gotten into this series thanks to my best friend. I am also watching the anime as well and that is good too so yeah. Can’t wait to read more.

InuYasha is my fave

InuYasha 2: 3 Volumes in 1, 4-6 – Rumiko Takahashi

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kagome and InuYasha have gained new allies as well as new enemies. Kagome gets once again kidnapped. Making InuYasha and new companion, Shippo, go and rescue her and the broken Shikon pieces from the infamous and dangerous Thunder Brothers. In an attempt to stay alive she falsified information to make herself useful. InuYasha successfully rescues her and keeps seeing Kikyo, but Kagome’s actions remind and prove to him that this is an entirely different person now. Since she wants to be helping everyone she finds herself in all sorts of danger. When an old woman named Urasue takes Kikyo’s body and resurrects her, she realizes that she needs the soul of Kikyo and sees Kagome. Urasue kidnaps Kagome and attempts to force the soul out but fails. This works when InuYasha does and now they have to reverse the damage that was caused before Kikyo tries to kill InuYasha while protecting the body of Kagome. 

I’m very invested in this series because this is amazingly written and drawn. I wish I had access or had known about this series when I was younger. The interactions between InuYasha and Kagome got me laughing. I felt more annoyed with Kagome in this manga set because she was not listening to InuYasha and got herself into some sticky situations. I enjoyed this just the same however. Shippo is an interesting character and I like to see what happens with him on their journey to collecting the Shikon crystal pieces. I love the artwork and details of some of the enemies they come across. Some artwork is really creepy but I like creepy stuff. I’m slowly collecting and reading the omnibuses because they are easier to find and I prefer this format. I can’t wait to come across the next omnibus because I really want to see what happens with Kagome and InuYasha. I feel that he is in love with Kagome but doesn’t want to admit it. I feel that maybe Kagome likes him but we will see where the plot takes us.

be careful when falling down a well

InuYasha 1: 3 volumes in 1, 1-3,  – Rumiko Takahashi 

Fantasy, older teen, manga, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Kagome finds herself fallen down an old temple well into the past, to be specific Japan’s ancient past. As she gets a grip of her new world, she is taken by villagers into a village as a prisoner. An old woman looks at Kagome and sees the resemblance of her sister who died fifty years ago. A centipede woman creature is after Kagome who had the Shikon Pearl. A pearl wanted by all demons for the power can make the user stronger. In order to save the world, she has to release InuYasha. A half demon who wants the pearl but he also wants to destroy the demonic woman. Kagome releases him and he takes down the first demon. Bound by Kagome’s will, she can control InuYasha. A crow demon is after Kagome for the infamous pearl. Somehow when she was trying to take down the crow demon, she does it but also shatters the pearl into millions of pieces. The old woman tasks them to go retrieve all the pieces of the world. She wants to leave this world and go back home because she doesn’t want to live in this realm. As she leaves, another demon comes into play to wreak destruction. InuYasha comes to the current realm that Kagome exists in and demands her to come back to save the other realm. Kagome makes the toughest decision. 

I had seen this all over the place on the internet. Also, my best friend watches the anime and I saw that they also have a manga series. I grew curious and curiosity got the best of me in the good way. I enjoyed reading this manga novel. I had only found the three in one so I grouped them all together into one and just didn’t go into too much detail. I already am in love with InuYasha. Kagome is alright but I am only here for InuYasha to go along this journey with him. The artwork is really amazing and creepy when the demons are drawn. I know a lot of people will probably ask me if I ship Kagome and InuYasha and all I can say is we will see. I only read the first three volumes. I know this is also an anime series and I will be watching the series as well. I do recommend this manga series for sure because I am in love from the first chapter.