this was really resonating

The Gilded Ones – Namina Forna 

Fantasy, young adult, fiction. 

Rating 9/10

Deka awaits the ceremony that will allow her to be welcomed by her community. The ceremony determines whether or not she’s pure or impure. Pure ones stay while impure ones are casted away. She was revealed and declared as impure as her blood ran golden. They try to kill her but she never dies so they collect her blood. A woman with White Hands rescues her and gives her a second chance at life serving under the Emperor. She is told terms and conditions then decides she wants to become stronger. As she is training she learns more about herself and what she truly is. More of why she is more feared than the rest of her peers. 

I saw this book and needed to read it. I heard so much about this book and saw it trending on and all over TikTok and Instagram. I found a copy at my local Barnes & Nobles and got down to reading it. This is a beautifully written novel with lots of fantasy elements and along the way world building in bite sized portions. The characters are so diverse and intriguing as we meet them through Deka’s eyes. As I was reading this I felt anger and sadness as well as hope for the main character. The author did a splendid and extraordinary job with the world building and characters. However, I don’t like cliffhanger endings and this had a cliffhanger ending. I wanted more and I do hope that in the future the series continues. There were a good amount of twists that I hadn’t expected so this novel definitely kept me on my toes. I do have to say, and I say this a lot, recommend this novel. I know that I say each post of a book I like is a good book. I say to go read it but there are so many good books out there like this one that need more hype and more love and attention. 

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