there is not enough hype for this novel :( its so good

Raybearer – Jordan Ikueko 

Young adult, fantasy, fiction. 

Rating 10/10

Tarisai comes of age where she leaves isolation to execute a mission her Mother gave her. The reason for her isolation is because of her Hallow, her power, which is taking memories away thus making her deadly and a demon. To kill the emperor once she becomes anointed and a part of his council. Before then, she has to face trials and pass tests to prove her worth to be on the council. The infamous Crown Prince Council of Eleven is the Prince’s closest, trusted advisors and lovers. Her mother wants her to be on the council to do her bidding. Deep inside she doesnt want to be used as a tool for murder. However, trying to break the curse won’t be easy. She has to forge her own path. 

I saw this book mostly on a booktoker’s page on Tik Tok and he had a book club about it. I really loved this book and I couldn’t put this down. This novel made me feel anger, sadness, and hope for a young woman who only wanted a family but she decides to not let her Mother tell her what to do. She decides for herself. The storytelling is magnificent and very detailed. As the plot goes, the world is being built and explained along the way. We learn a lot about characters and their abilities. The author went in depth with character development and plot. I love this novel and will reread this book again in the near future because it was so good. Go to a local bookstore or online to buy this book and read this immediately.

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