this wasn’t easy to read.

Beautiful Façade – Kathryn S. Rose

New Adult, romance, fiction.

Rating 9/10

A blast from the past, Kai, runs into Winter. Winter hadn’t seen him in a decade, and they catch up. Winter tells him she’s engaged to Liam and happy. Liam doesn’t like how the two have been spending time together. She learns to grow with the past and proclaims she is no longer a victim of what happened that decade ago. She goes on a soul-searching journey of self-healing.

I really loved this book. It wasn’t easy to read but the topic is never an easy topic. Always hard and it’s the reality that hurts. I would want to see this more openly discussed without the stigma behind mental health. The main character really grew as she confronted her past. I enjoyed that this was a new adult novel. I want to see more new adult novels or literature. I can hardly find them and would love to see this on the shelf. I will most likely get a physical copy. I had obtained an e-book, but I want to hold this book and read it once more. The author understands social work and has a background which gives authority of a literary work. I enjoyed this book. Highly recommend this.

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