never play God

Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Science fiction, classical English literature, fiction.

Rating 9/10

Victor is a devoted science student. Everything about natural sciences intrigues him. When curiosity causes him to attempt to reanimate life, he is alarmed and ashamed for what he had created. Victor had to collect dead body parts and sewed them up. He abandons the monster and returns to his studies. He receives a message from his family urging him to come home, that the brother was brutally murdered. Victor decides to return home to attend the funeral service and console his family members. They are on a hunt for the murderer and they found someone who was sentenced to death to be innocent. Victor investigates the murder and knows the suspect. His own creation. Victor faces many questions and the only answer remains, don’t play God.

I love this classical English literature. I had learned of Mary Wollstonecraft through my English literature college course and read A Vindication of Rights of Woman. I felt positive about her work and was surprised that her daughter was the one who wrote Frankenstein. I ventured out to find this novel and was glad to have read the perfect science fiction piece that is relevant to today’s society. I love the questions of whether playing God is really good idea and what will becomes the consequences of actions of playing God? This novel explores that with great language that is understandable and very poetic in the prose format. The dynamic language presents a colorful world that Shelley brings alive with her imagination. Apparently, this novel was birthed from a dare. Not bad at all.

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