Going on Hiatus/ Vacation!

Thank you, my audience for being loyal readers of my book blog. I appreciate your support. Since the beginning of this blog, my numbers grew little by little and I have YOU to thank for. Seeing that I have 36 followers and have had many visitors as well as readers, I am overjoyed with love.

I am going to take a three week break aka hiatus for a while. It is only for this because a bibliophile got to take a little break now and then. This is my passion hobby. I really love reading various literature and going on here to publish the blog.

You can follow me on my Twitter and Tumblr account as I am active there still but will not be posting book blogs during my three week hiatus. I will be posting more stuff related to my favorite fandoms (books) and television shows.

I will be back Monday 26th 2019. 🙂


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A bibliophile who loves literature of all kinds and listens to rock and metal music

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