Good Plot But Sad

 Dark Places – Gillian Flynn  

Horror, thriller, investigative, homicide, children of murder victims, crimes against family, juvenile crimes, cults, mystery, fiction

Rating 6/10

 Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places is about this young girl, Libby Day” who survived and escaped when her family got murdered in “The Satan’s Sacrifice” in Kansas. Thinking because of her brother, Ben’s, mysterious behaviors and obsession with the Devil, she wrongfully points the finger at him for killing the entire family. As an adult, Libby is contacted by this group that swears that Ben is innocent and that the killer is on the loose. This group helps aid Libby in seeking out the true killer and set free Ben. At the end, Ben is freed from prison and Libby feels better in some ways. Both worried about how they are going to go on with life with the new information that freed Ben as well as how they will cope together.

This book starts off sad and really depressing. The plot is excellent and its thoroughly detailed. However, not my cup of tea of the type of genre. I don’t like to read sad and depressing literature because I seek literature to make me feel happier not depressed.


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